Rubin Singer has perfected designing?his dresses to be truly unique. The distinctive fabrics that he uses in every dress, make each of them a one-of-a-kind creation. ?Rubin personally designs all of his fabrics and then has them produced by special mills in France and Italy. The fabric alone makes each design unique, but then Rubin adds close attention to detail and structure creating fashion masterpieces. The structure of his dresses is modern and they are draped in a very architectural way. He has the ability to add just the right touch of leather to complete the silhouette in an absolutely perfect way. The stitching and structure of this leather collar is also so unique and it creates an extremely flattering neckline.

No one ever thought black and white could be one of a kind, but Rubin Singer managed to do so.

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Photo Credit: Maddy Talias
Makeup: Sara Beth