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Derek Lam’s knits have been on point this season, each style unique and refreshing. Consequently, we chose to pair his lake blue, cable-knit sweater with an oversized charcoal grey Max Mara coat and grey skinny jeans to match.The best part – it’s cozy and comfortable! Derek Lam’s Lake Blue Sweater and MaxMara’s Charcoal Cape Sleeve Coat were two key players in this look, but that doesn’t mean the accessories aren’t worth mentioning.

Adding accessories to complement any look is essential. Derek Lam’s pony hair slouchy clutch proved to be the perfect fit for this ensemble. The royal blue hue and pony hair texture paired with this outfit gives it an added touch of glam and sets it apart from your typical everyday cozy sweater look. Plus, it never hurts to throw all your day to day essentials into something fabulous. To answer the question you’ve all been thinking: the magnificent, no-so-typical cuff and ring you can’t take your eyes off of can be paid attribute to Stella Flame’s skillful artistry. Her jewelry is literally a hidden gem in the fashion industry and can turn any girl from basic to bold in a heart beat.

Coat: Max Mara
Sweater: Derek Lam
Ring: Stella Flame
Cuff: Stella Flame

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Photo Credit: Julio Gaggia