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Something Carlos Falchi is known so well for is his talent of creating unusual and unique handbags and accessories out of exotic skins. When this skill of using exotic skins is brought to the clothing side of design the result is something truly special. Carlos Falchi started his career by making hand stitched leather clothing for musicians like Patti Smith, Miles Davis, Tina Turner and Mick Jagger in the early 70s. The look here features a Carlos Falchi python jacket which draws upon Carlos Falchi’s classic designs and aesthetic in a contemporary way.

The jacket is defiantly the staple piece to the outfit worn with an entire black classic look, but it adds just enough edge to a look that you might not have thought to wear a python jacket with. The jacket is such a strong piece it could be paired with a very simple outfit and complete the entire look or choose to wear it with distressed denim or even a sweater dress to make a simple outfit completely edgy.

Jacket: Carlos Falchi
Pants: Etro
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

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Photo Credit: Julio Gaggia