Every woman should have a black blazer in her closet. The fit should be impeccable and it should be able to be worn in many different ways depending on the occasion. This Valentina Kova blazer can be styled with matching suit pants, a pair of your favorite skinny leather pants, jeans, a leather skirt or a maxi skirt. The list is really endless. The lace detailing of this blazer offers the versatility to create totally unique looks while still being incredibly chic.

In addition to the various ways that this blazer can be styled, the cut, the fabric, and the craftsmanship are unparalleled. Valentina Kova is proud to be made right here in NYC which allows you to have this extraordinary blazer custom made and tailored to perfection.

There is really no more you can ask for from a blazer: perfect fit, perfect style, and endless looks.

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Photo Credit: Maddy Talias
Makeup: Sara Beth